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Humans have for some time now been the proud creators of a new caliber of synthetic assistants. Bots more durable than any man yet for the first time in history, fully intelligent. Worry not dear customer for we know what might cause concern, while sentient our bots are still programmed and are of course, still merely a mixtures of one's and zero's. They feel no regret, no pain and love nothing more than to serve you. Of course we recognize no human creation is perfect and even our bots may very rarely fall prone to bugs....should your bot start acting strangely or fail in it's tasks you can call us to take it back where the bot shall be properly taken care of and refurbished. A new one can be expected at your doorstep by the end of the week, free of any complications!


Made as part of a student project sentience is designed to be a short experience from a point of view that isn't all to inconceivable with the current pace of technology. Inspired by Games such as Limbo, Sentience hopes to welcome at least more than one run for those who might quickly rush through the first time, little bits of detail strewn throughout the four levels to show the state of the world.

I do hope you enjoy your time here even if the world may not be the most welcoming of those made.

Install instructions

Simply Download the folder, unzip and run the exe as normal!


SentienceGame.zip 24 MB

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